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Why Plant Marigolds in your Vegetable Garden?

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Why do I plant marigolds in my vegetable garden?

Marigolds are easy to grow and they help keep the away aphids. “The relationship between plants and insects is known as ‘companion planting.’  it’s by far the safest, natural way to garden organically.”

 SHERIDAN NURSERIES GARDEN TIP  gives you tips on Plants That Naturally Repel Insects:There are many beneficial herbs that keep insects away.

Ø      Peppermint repels ants, white cabbage moths, aphids, and flea beetles.

Ø      Garlic discourages aphids, fleas, Japanese beetles, and spider mites.

Ø      Perennial Chives repel aphids and spider mites.

   o      Chives are often planted among roses to keep aphids away and to resist the disease, Blackspot.

Ø      Basil drives away flies and mosquitoes.

Ø      Borage deters that monster of vegetable garden insects, the tomato hornworm.

Ø     Rosemary and Sage repel cabbage moths, bean beetles, and…

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