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Why Dirt Matters to Your Health

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Soil Quality

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  • The root ball of a plant acts as the “gut” or intestinal tract of the plant, housing essential microbes, just like your gut does, provided the soil system is healthy
  • The cooperation between soil microorganisms and the plants’ roots is responsible for allowing the plant to absorb nutrients from the soil. Without proper soil biome, the food will lack nutrients that are important for your health
  • Soil health connects to everything up the food chain, from plant and insect health, all the way up to animal and human health
  • Health, therefore, truly begins in the soils in which our food is grown
  • Scientists have discovered that gene swapping takes place between your gut microbiome and the soil biome, as well as with microorganisms from other places in your daily surroundings
  • One of the reasons for concern about genetically engineered crops is a main characteristic of such…

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3 responses

  1. Great repost. Got to say I feel a bit gipped. I only learned about how valuable microbes are to the human body (and to the constant cycles of the world) this year. Half a life and I only just learned?!!! You would think that they would teach something as important as this in school wouldn’t you? My house looks like something out of McBeth with ungents and potions brewing and bubbling all over the place and the garden has the same. Weed and compost teas (gotta get that nitrogen back from those theiving weeds!), manure brews (stinky but delicious to plants) and my latest experiment “pee”. Am looking into humanure system for a new loo but methinks it might be a step too far for our local council to “stomach” 😉

    December 23, 2013 at 4:46 pm

    • Who cares about council ??…I have put a toilet in the shed last month, a directly connected a Protege model automatic MACERATOR PUMP to the toilet seat and my tank water pipe, plug it in the power point already in the shed, and boy MY GARDEN SOIL JUST LOVE IT…LOL…Try not to waste the URINE also, ( Best free FERMENTED NITROGEN )….Get few bales of straw, and POUR urine in the middle till it brakes down like charcoal looking like stuff, than spread it over beds .. 😀 …Best think since god invented sliced bread 😀
      Cheers and happy Christmas to you and yours.

      December 25, 2013 at 9:47 am

      • My sentiments exactly! I am thinking of making our own composting loo. What council don’t know about they can’t get shirty about now can they? 😉 Great idea about the bales of hay…just got to find some now. Last year they were like hens teeth as no-one made hay because there was still lots left from the year before when summer was mild but last year summer went on till mid May and no-one had any hay. I hope they learned their lesson this year as I am going to need to get some hay ASAP 🙂

        December 25, 2013 at 4:02 pm

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