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The Jade Plant – A great low maintenance plant for your indoor garden!


Crassula ovata, commonly known as jade plant, friendship tree, lucky plant, or money tree is a succulent plant with small pink or white flowers. It is native to South Africa, and is common as a houseplant worldwide. It is sometimes referred to as the money tree; however Pachira aquatica also receives this nickname.




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  1. We have a family tradition to put a jade plant at the front and rear entrances of the house. Mum always said it was for luck or to prevent bad luck specifically…when the duck eats the jade I guess that’s bad luck for the jade to be honest (I wonder if leaving a mostly dead stripped of leaves jade plant at the front and back of your house are still “in” on the luck thing? 😉 )

    October 23, 2013 at 6:02 pm

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