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Portable toilet…Tink About it…Try it as Nr.1 ot TOP Garden Fertilizer…..LOL

Akka's Natures Way+living

 20 Litre Portable Toilet

Features Include :

1. Constructed from High density polyethylene
2. This unit is completely self contained
3. There are nil external connections required
4. Easy to carry (compact) Throw one in the car  boat or van
5. Great for travelling, Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Caravan, Boat
6. Double Sealed Drain Valve that Protects Against Leakage and Odors
7. Easy to Clean
8. It’s detachable and easy to store

super tough !

Lightweight !

Extremely Durable !

adult sized12 litre fresh water storage tank providing up to 50 flushes !!

20 litre quick detach waste tank !!


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