kick your shoes off and come on in …


Hardy edible Peruvian herb, aquired years and years ago. Self seeds prolifically.
Just sprinkle the seed in the right spot and let nature take over.

That is exactly what I did!

Flavour is like a blend of Basil, Mint, Citrus, Tarragon. Very good on chicken and fish!

Makes a great pesto, and goes equally good just sprinkled fresh on top of pasta dishes.

Doesn’t loose its flavour/aroma as quickly as other herbs can when dried and is easily stored in a jar or resealable packet in the cupboard.

Red spider mite and root knot nematode are often serious pests on many plants, indoor and out 😉  but the unique properties of this interesting herb repel and in some cases even kill them!
Awesome addition to salads and I can’t see why its not as common here in Australia, as in Chile, Bolivia, Equador and Peru.

Also good for an aromatic tea that’santi fungal“, “antibacterial” “liver cleansingand  “vitality boostingand bloody delicious!

WIKI SAYS ….The leaves when dried may be used as a seasoning.

Huacatay paste is used to make the popular Peruvian potato dish called OCOPA‘. (I would love to try an “authentic” Ocopa recipe if you have one….)

For some time people have used it as a flavour full TEA for medical benefits such as a remedy for the colds, respiratory inflammations, or stomach problems.”

Companion plant with just about everything.(Basil, broccoli, cabbage, cucumbers, eggplant, gourds, kale, potatoes, squash, tomatoes, melons, pineapple and pepper etc etc etc



I’ve had real trouble with NEMATODES in our soil. Potatoes, Carrots, Parsnips and radish have all been a drama but I have seen a DEFINATE improvement in crops with Black mint planted as well.


I will be now rotating between a crop of Black mint then a root crop as the results are really good!!!


Can be planted closely to smother out pest species and as it grows very straight and tall we use it as stakes for beans and tomato pyramid/trellis/triangles!


NOW HERE IS SOMETHING YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW>>>>>>>>>You know all those experts saying “maod!ruse it as stakes for beans and tomato pyramid/trellis/triangles!igold” is proven good for insect repellant in the garden, well, they have their facts a little bit skewed.

Marigold isTagets Patulabut it wasTagetes Minutathat all the studies were done on back in the day!(check it out for yourself)

They are right saying its a “type of Marigold” that is great for companion planting and repelling pest insects, but not when they say its that pretty little orange one!!!

It amazes me how many people spread the misinformation as FACT, even so called “expert” gardeners on TV and the like.Tagetes Minuta/Huacatay/Black mint are all the same plant. Tagetes patula is the small orange flowered herb(we also sell it, but this is MUCH better at insect killing/removal!)




 Forget all those other recipes, I have tried them all, and some are mildly effective, these ones just WORK!

BUT, only used sprays, on the plant that needs it and only when it needs it.
For example, Aphids only attack the flower of the radish, just before seeding, but the damage they cause, means there will be no seed production.
I spray twice with this stuff, about 6 weeks before harvest, AFTER seeing large numbers starting to arrive, and remove the problem, before it gets too serious.
To spray through out the whole growing season, would only kill the good guys!

What a waste of time and effort!!

Till next time folks, the Old Fart wishes you all, … HAPPY GARDENING.


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