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Allotment Raspberries Are Sweeter – Fact!

The Botanical Kitchen

I never understood the whole ‘allotment thing’ until a few weeks ago when my raspberries started coming up. Well, technically they are not ‘my’ raspberries as the straggly bush was already on our plot when we received the key in March. I was all ready to pull it out and burn it because I wanted a clean slate, a blank canvass, a pure plot. It was Granddad who persuaded us not to raze it down but rather let it be to assess if it was a summer or autumn fruiting variety.

Nurtured, watered, weeded and yielding sweet rubies

So we have nurtured it. Watered it. Got stung weeding ’round it for the last few months but it’s all been worth it for the tiny rubies which have started to appear of late. On Sunday while my husband strimmed the nettles and the girls made mud pies, I spent an hour…

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    July 26, 2013 at 2:16 pm

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