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The Wisdom of the Compost Heap


Compost is the term gardeners give to the heap of rotting vegetation and manure that they highly regard as a nutrient source for growing vegetables and other plants. It teams with life in the form of worms, bacteria, and all manner of other bugs. It is the broken down forms of once living structures that aids in the growth of new living things. In this sense it is an essential ingredient of the cyclic nature of life.

Compare this with the concept of Self-growth, where an individual can grow and evolve as a multidimensional being – something beyond just a mind and body. This isn’t physical growth, but an inner spiritual growth. There are many ways to achieve this, and bring about growth, however there are some similar concepts and principles which are necessary for growth to occur. Just like the compost heap our psyche (conscious and unconscious minds) is composed of living and non-living structures. We can call these “belief structures”, as they are patterns of energy that form the basis for what we believe. These have developed and grown since conception, and perhaps also include inherited beliefs from long distant ancestors and maybe even past lives. We’ve shaped and molded them, and developed new ones during our life time through experiences we’ve had.

For growth to occur within the individual, these structures need to be explored. The useful (fruitful!) ones can be cultivated. The not-so-useful or “dead” ones need to be broken down to make way for new belief structures to be seeded, and grown. Without the discovery and breakdown of the old and seeding of new beliefs, growth and personal evolution cannot occur.

It is not by chance that analogies abound comparing the human psyche, and spiritual development, with a garden or plants. Some of the common symbols in spiritual artwork include trees, flowers, and gardens. There is an interpretation of biblical story of the “Garden of Eden” that suggests the true “Garden of Eden” is an inner place (or state of mind), and that the “Fall of Man” is also symbolic of the state of disarray internally – something that the spiritual quest seeks to unravel and repair. Some people suggest that freely visualizing a garden, and observing the state that it is in, will give you a picture of the current state of your mind.

So consider the analogy of the compost heap, and it’s breakdown of old forms to provide nutrients for the new forms that will grow from within it, from tiny seeds into healthy plants. Imagine what belief structures are confining your growth and evolution, and consider how they can be broken down, to become the nutrients for new forms to sprout, grow, and nourish you on your spiritual path.

~ author unknown


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