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How to Build a Bird Bath for Kids

How to Build a Bird Bath for Kids

Birds are a welcome addition to you back yard. They are enjoyable to watch and identify, plus they eat many of the bugs and insects you don’t want in your yard. Welcome the birds to your home by making them a simple bird bath. A bird bath doesn’t need to be complicated. A simple version suitable for older kids to make or for younger kids to make with adult help requires only an old pie tin. There is no need for tools or other supplies to make a suitable bath for the birds.


    • Wash an old pie tin or aluminum brownie pan in warm, soapy water. Rinse in clear water and let it air dry.

    • Set the pie tin on top of a tree stump or a rock. Place a large rock, about the size of a baseball, in the center for the birds to perch on when they aren’t in the water.

    • Place a single layer of pebbles or gravel on the bottom of the pie tin, around the rock. Pebbles give the birds something for their feet to grip while standing,. They also protect birds’ feet from the metal bottom which may get hot during sunny weather.

    • Fill the bird bath with water. Replace the water every two or three days and remove any large leaves or other debris that gets into it.
  • Tips & Warnings

    • Punch holes in the edge of the pie tin and thread string through. Hang it from a tree and fill it with birdseed to make a feeder instead. A bird feeder may also attract more birds to your bird bath.
    • Use an upside down bucket or flower pot if you don’t have a stump or a rock in your yard.
    • Make sure there are no neighborhood cats in your yard. They may attack the birds while they are bathing.
    • If you don’t replace the water often, the birds will quit coming to your bath. They don’t like dirty water.



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    1. at link are many other ideas for simple to make birdbaths for your garden 🙂

      April 9, 2013 at 10:05 pm

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