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How to Weave a Crown of Daisies ~ Fun for Kids

FUNNY HOW you can pack your summer full of exotic activities, and then your kids will remember this one: sitting with you on the edge of a field, weaving together daisy chains. Making a floral crown is one of those woodland skills traditionally passed along from one kid to another. In case you didn’t catch the directions back when you were a fairy child, here they are.

1. Pick a slew of daisies or dandelions with stems at least a few inches long. Each child needs about 25, which includes extras for error.

2. With a sharp knife (or fingernail for dandelions and obviously you will have to do this for the children), make a roughly quarter-inch slit through each stem, 2 inches below the blossom. Slip the next flower’s stem through the slit and pull it until you get to the flower head. Do the same with the next daisy and the next until you’ve made a chain the right length for your child’s head.

3. Turn the chain into a crown by twisting the last stem around the first. If your stems are very long, you can intertwine them to make the crown more secure.

H/T Weave a Crown of Daisies


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