kick your shoes off and come on in …

In my “SELF SUFFICIENT” own world.

Sunday, March 31, 2013 10:14:22 PM

HOWDY ALL, and,… Welcome to my world. p

That is what I call Enjoyment, Fun, Freedom & Self Sufficiency and being Independent. Come on, FOLLOW ME in my little back yard please, get your gloves and boots on. I do Hope you will like it. Oh, I took the photos with my cell phone, since I am about to buy my self a new camera specially made to fit my new telescope in about 3 weeks from now… Sowy folks.

And YES, all the pics are fresh as hot bred, all taken today, except the last one of Jack the Russel dog.

That’s just my gnome poor bugger, couldn’t hold no more yuck LOL

That’s my new porch addition to the old cottage. I built it some 5 years ago?idea Take a look at my few other garden patches ( garden lots ), you will see more later bellow… Oh the blue drum on the stand next to the shed you ask ?…That’s my new practical, simple & cheap design of my smoke house, for winter when I smoke my pork & garlic sausages, ribs, bacon and the rest ..JEWISH ARCHITECT HERE for all projects at this address……ha ha ha

As you all can see here, that’s just a part of my veggies patches. up Now I remember that I RUMBLE sometime ego, in fact few times by my old memory, about my SOLAR PROJECT which I built a year and a half ego now…. Here are some bits of it, Let’s take a good look…..Oh, it works beauty and wonders, and save me an average of at least $150 to $200 a quarter on my bill. lol

What you think ?? Good ?? sing Let’s take a look at my batteries bank box, fuses box, power points,and my other power outlets for the outside lights, rain water tanks pumps, or any thing to do with FREE POWER FROM THE SUN for tools or radio, insects zapper etc, etc.That box is also my workbench he he he star

Now folks, some of you which knows me, knows that I AM NOT DESPERATE FOR A COMPANIONSHIP, yet, still looking…L.M.B.O. …Mean time, JUST TO LET You ALL KNOW, I am not alone …. Here comes my lady in white, AND ME DA KING…Wowwww. king

Okay now, let’s take another look of some other veggies patches, my other 2 rain water tanks, my young Cherry, Eureka Lemon, Garrya Elliptica ( Catkin Shrub ), few native Aussie “CALLISTEMONS” ( WHITE AND PURPLE ) Flowering trees & shrubs ( Bees & birds attracting ), Pomegranate, Tahitian Lime, Tangelo Seminole and Guava tree (Veggies lots), from a different angle. p

Followed by more pots and many more pots all with herbs …LOL lol

Okay now ENOUGH pots and herbs, let’s go have a closer look at the flowers and fruits bearing on my garden eh ?? yes ?? Follow me close then….Wowwwww, lots of them he he he.

Here I like to show you how my cherry tomatoes plants just love to climb up the tree and down on it …He he he

View of my young Cherry tree from my hide away spot….LOL

Now back to take a look at some fruits of Eggplants, Water Melons, Rock melons, Zoukiny’s, Garlic & lots of young baby Shallots, etc.

That’s my second rain water tank pump ( All pipes are 3 quarter inch, all under ground , my climbing corner of cherry tomatoes and some timed taps.The second pic, shows you my fave PURPLE BASIL HERB, and my resting garden bench…LOL…no

SO YOU SEE FOLKS ?? YOU WILL BE AMASSED OF WHAT YOU CAN DO ON A SMALL SUBURB BLOC. wink And just to show you that an Old Fart never stop being active, I have more projects in mind, ready to start…Ops, NOT TODAY, PERHAPS NEXT WEEK….…THAT WILL BE AN ADDITION OF EXTRA 800 Watts ( 8 MORE SOLAR PANELS ) meaning, FREE POWER from the sun, and less on my power bill, but most exciting part of it being, I WILL BE MORE CLOSER TO BECOME FREE OF THESE BIG CORPORATION SERPENTS BREEDING IN SEWERS and INBREED BASTARDS RIPPING ME OFF.

With that being said, I will walk you now to the back of my backyard, behind the sheds on my custom made alley, and show you again my autumn crocuses and DAMN little gnome I SEE THAT STILL HAVE HIS PANTS DOWN, WANTING TO POOP…. L.M.B.O. jester lol lol

That is it from me folks, time to do lots of other things, many places to go and see, till next time remember, GOD IS IN THE GARDEN…. PS:…. Please don’t tell me I SHOULD HAVE MOW THE LAWN jester Yes I know I SHOULD HAVE DONE IT, but hey WHY DO IT ALL TODAY, WHEN THERE IS SO MUCH TIME TO INFINITY ??? lol lol lol NEXT TIME, I WILL WAIT TILL I MOW MY FRONT YARD, TAKE some PICTURES WITH MY NEW CAMERA, AND SHOW YOU HOW TO LOOK THE BEST HOUSE ON THE STREET. wink SHALOM from ME, and PEACE from HIM. In memory of 1 year since he is gone ( My beloved boy Jack, the one I LOVED SO MUCH, now GONE after 17 years together. Rest in peace MATE )… May your soul be with angels……….. Jack’s pic bellow.



6 responses

  1. sweet homestead 🙂 am green with envy lol
    thanks for share

    March 31, 2013 at 1:27 pm

    • My pleasure, that place ( Deceased Estate ), was a challenge for me, lucky I like challenges…It had an old neglected cottage, in need of lots of TLC, I have done it all to my taste, color and style.
      From outside was all painted white, and was dirty as a pig in the mud, had to repaint it earthy color, with a cut of blue for eaves & posts, and red gutters.
      Got it back to original Oil paint all over inside walls, recessed the bathroom, etc….Only the windows to send it back and paint, took me an boring 4 years almost…Never again windows 4 me…lol
      I will take a picture next time with the front yard, ( After I mow it of course ha ha ha ), and show you my new Solar Hot water system, ( Heat Pump ), still have 8 months left to pay a bit every month ( Thank god NO INTEREST ON LOAN ).. 😀
      THE PLACE DIDN’T HAVE GATES, AND THE FRONT and BACK YARD WAS LIKE A DESERT after storm….Had to bring 9 tons of soil to level it, and slowly I started to plant few flowers, bushes and trees….You will like how the front yard will look when I will blog it… 😉


      March 31, 2013 at 1:46 pm

      • look forward to it, am redesigning my entire front yard this year into gated play area for babies and rest a flower/herb garden … big plans soon as it warms up 🙂

        March 31, 2013 at 1:50 pm

  2. That’s the spirit….Stick to the plan 😀

    March 31, 2013 at 1:52 pm

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